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I was amazed how you focused your laser-like abilities on all areas of my life that are of great importance to me. Much of your psychic predictions have already come true. I was really taken back by how you retrieved information about my business associates and close friends through looking at photographs. Your insights were “right on” and very helpful. Thank you so much for being a “Sage” on my life’s path.
--Scott O, Hawaii

Your laser-like ability to cut to the core of the issues has helped me tremendously in my professional and personal life. It is liberating to understand the truth, so that time and energy are not wasted on people or projects that may ultimately result in disappointment. The tools you provide are extraordinarily effective in shifting the focus from reaction to creation.
--Annemarie O, Germany

I hired Badéish as a personal & career coach and hired her more than once. I have known Badéish for over 10 yrs, first working with her on a fundraising project & then hiring her for insight into personal & career situations. Her intuitive skills are amazing & I have benefited greatly over the yrs from her counsel.
--Judi J, Oregon

Badéish spends a lot of time preparing for a reading. She comes from and incorporates a number of disciplines to bring you the best information possible about your situation. She has a wealth of experience and spirit guides who assist her in giving you what you need.
--Robin H, Oregon

You met with my wife and me a few days ago. Anyway, we had been seeing a couple’s therapist for almost a year, and you managed to cut to the chase in an hour. We are glad we found you when we did.
--Daniel & Pam Z, Oregon

I have experienced Badéish's work of insight into both personal and professional problems. She is able to go directly to the root of the problem and offer several options for resolve. I have recommended Badéish to other people and the feedback has been great praise and respect for her work and as a person with a loving, wise delivery. Badéish is able to relate to people from all walks of life, with her easy loving understanding of human nature. I have and will continue to seek Badéish's advice.
--Jackie T, Idaho

Badéish is a profoundly gifted intuitive. She delivered the message she received for me with great warmth and care, and she was spot-on with regards to accuracy and content, which opened me up to new possibilities in my life.
--Leslie A, Oregon

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, enthusiasm and heart with each of us at your workshop, “Becoming Fearless.” Your style of teaching was definitely "hands-on" and personalized for each member...it seemed as though you were enjoying the experience as much as we were as participants of your joy!
--Barbara K, Oregon

Thanks for your encouraging and informative journal. Sometimes they have arrived on a day that I'd swear you knew what happened to me that day and that I needed some encouragement!
--Aileen Z, Oregon

With masterful awareness and compassion, Badéish creates an atmosphere of caring and community. Her range of knowledge, personal stories, gentle humor and inclusion of all of us, fostered a sense of safety. She guided me through this incredible journey in such a way that I feel empowered!
--Janis E, Oregon

In the eight months that I have been working with Badéish, I have found her to have amazing awareness. It is almost like she knows you better than you know yourself. On my first visit, she gave me information that has helped me over come a lifetime obstacle of having constant conflicts with others.
--Shirley B, Oregon

I just wanted to tell you one more time that after seeing you, I had the biggest, positive life change and I'm the most happy with myself now, out of all my 42 years! I'll always be grateful for you helped me see life, people and experiences in a whole different light. You're one in a million!
--Freedom T, Oregon

Thank you for making such a difference in my life. I had no idea what a dramatic turn I would take. Through your help, I was able to let go of negative thinking. I felt as if light was shinning out of every pore in my body and feelings of happiness were transforming me. I would like others to know of your gifts.
--Tracy W, Minnesota

I came to see you with skepticism and family pictures. Little did I know from that visit, my life would never be the same! You told me things about myself and my family that no one could have known. You treated me with care and compassion and most of all, you believed in me!
--Sharon D, Oregon 


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