Life Skills Coaching

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What is Life Skills Coaching?

Life Skills are the knowledgeable applications of natural laws and principles which govern human development.

Life Skills Coaching concerns itself with helping to claim one’s sovereignty and upholding it through “Self-Esteem and Self-Realization”. 

I am dedicated to helping people enhance awareness of their own worth, dignity, uniqueness and Divine Nature.  This is done while providing a secure, feeling connection to my clients.

I encourage self-discovery and how to tell your self the truth more quickly.  The more you are helped to focus on knowing who you are the better your life choices will become. 

Some clients feel trapped by traumas and unresolved emotions, some of which may have been unknowingly stored in their minds and bodies for years. 

This coaching process increases knowledge and awareness of why certain events show up and how unresolved patterns of self-defeating behavior constantly affect the quality of life.

I am a personal guide for this spiritual inner-work and journey.  I have seen the amazing, transformative results that can occur during this guided journey into self-examination.

Session Rate:  $95 per hour

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