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“Life-transforming” is the best way to describe Badeish Lange's multifaceted work. She encourages and inspires clients to liberate themselves from their initial fears; bolstering the possibilities of self-empowerment and living a conscious life.

Individual life coaching, business consultations and intuitive sessions are available by phone or in person. Badeish Lange is also available for seminars, workshops and public speaking engagements.

Your benefits:

  • Rewrite the “software” of your mind and change the “program” of your life. 
  • Find inspiration and empowerment to heal, transform and excel in all areas of your life.
  • Learn about your essential nature as you discover who you really are.
  • Find inner peace and balance to improve your relationship with self and others.
  • Realize personal and professional goals.
  • Navigate difficult transitions.
  • Discover solutions. 
  • Quit patterns of self-sabotage. 
  • Break multi-generational patterns.
  • Live your passion!

Services offered:

  • Psychic Session:  Information reflecting past, present and future.  General life questions are answered and more. 60 minutes - $100
  • Bio-Energetic Healing/Cellular Repatterning:  This energy medicine works with the very fine, subtle energies of the body’s energy fields, the organs, physiology, chemical synapses and physical functions.  Such medicine works on a quantum field level.  In a healing session there is a united effort by the client and the healer to experience a quantum level of energetic exchange.  The goal is to use Bio-Energy healing so that it becomes an actual physical experience and opens pathways to good health. 120 minutes - $250

  • Hypnosis Session:  Hypnosis uses the focused power of the mind and imagination to improve health, change behavior or achieve emotional balance.  A hypnotherapy session works with you to design images and suggestions that can help achieve your goals.  60 minutes - $100

  • Past Life Reading:  This is a process where I retrieve DNA information through a remote-viewing process. 120 minutes - $200
  • Life Skills Coaching:  Personal sessions are focused on tools that re-direct and enhance goals and life direction.  We would explore how to become fearless and bring clarity in any real-life situation. 60 minutes - $100

Ceremony Sessions with Badéish
Wedding Readings: Sessions with Bride & Groom, Bridal Party & Bridal Shower. Sessions are also available for other ceremonies.

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