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Feelings are the language of the Soul. If you want to know what's true for you about something, look to how you're feeling about it

I believe God is ready to talk to us at any time. The question to ask is whos listening?

Communication from God often comes through images and pictures. When this fails, we might hear words.

Our challenge in this life is one of discernment and the powerful messenger is life experiences. Many life experiences and patterns are lived over and over until we choose to process our life from an attitude of other possibilities and choices. The grandest feeling is to do what Love would do. This state of mind can be achieved without being a martyr or victim. Our attention is channeled toward asking questions of the self first before a decision or action is taken.

Our group consciousness has been conditioned to believe many things that we have been told are statements of truth. Does that make it true? What if this cultural conditioning is designed to make people stop feeling, caring or searching for the answers for themselves?

Those people who are willing to actually listen and hear from their Souls response are willing to remain open to new information or communication even when it seems scary or crazy are the same ones seeking higher states of consciousness.

A great discovery might be a willingness and ability to not be right and keep the process of self-discovery open. Being open to choices and possibilities changes how we live our lives. Each day we make choices and each day we need to take responsibility for what we choose to act upon or believe. What we give meaning to in our lives becomes our reality. Our illusions and false realities create more fear in the world. Fear energy is a prayer for what we dont want!
Want to experience a revelation? Just for one week, believe in the possibility that angels are all around you and that God can talk directly with you at any time or place.

What would a life experience feel like if Joy was our compass? What could we experience in our jobs, marriages, relationships or careers? What if Joy was the intention and goal in many of our lifes situations?

For many people, this would upset and change every aspect of their life and yet, many humans are living in a consciousness that allows for few possibilities or choicesand the key word here is choices!

Believe in Miracles! They happen every day and being a co-creator with God through the idea of What would love do changes the life- force energy to an electromagnetically active prayer.

Consciousness in the state of grace is self-love, self-accepting and self-respecting. How do we experience self-love? We forgive and close the wounds that bind us to the past. Our anger, regrets, judgments, and unspoken expectations can keep emotional wounds that may have happened years go alive and make them feel like they happened yesterday.
What our hearts want to experience most is Love. We have to come to a consciousness of what Love is or is not before unconditional Love can exist. The Golden Rule starts with Self-Love, Self-Trust and Self-Knowing before we have the answer of how to love our brothers and sisters on this planet called Earth.

A prayer of gratitude for your vision, desire, dream, or intention is an affirmation that even before you ask, God hears you. If your request is for your highest good, the prayer is on its way! Confirmations are a spiritual guidance system for active prayers. Be grateful to God in advance, for something everyday shows up to activate appreciation of a God presence.



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