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Q: Where were you when you had your first psychic experience?

A: I was a child of three experiencing hospitalization for an inner ear infection. An angel stood by my bed speaking to me telepathically about being protected in this life while she healed the virus in my ears. The angel's name was Badéish and she said she'd see me again in the future.

Q: What was your birth name, when did you change your name, and what happened afterward?

A: I was born Evelyn Kay and as a child never related to this name. When the angel Badéish showed up again in 1973 and 1974, I was told to change my name to Badéish on my 40th birthday and that it was a gift from spirit. The angel indicated that changing my name would change my life. So on my 40th birthday, I threw a party and from that time I've been Badéish Lange. My life did change. I faced everything I was afraid of, while the abilities of my gifts expanded. I created a radio audience with shows in Los Angeles and Dallas, Texas. I also went on the road to teach for four years, presenting workshops, lectures and private readings I traveled through the Bible-Belt and East Coast. The opportunity to work with an even broader audience expanded my gifts and training.

Q: What have you discovered about the name Badéish?

A: I met a Rabbi in Los Angeles in 1985 who told me the name was 3000 years old and Hebraic. It was a name given to a spiritual man who traveled from village to village teaching and performing rabbinical functions. I believe it has a magical quality to its vibrational expression. Most people ask me to repeat it in order to hear its pronunciation.

Q: When did you begin regularly having psychic experiences?

A: Not until I was in my twenties did I start seeing the manifestations of spirits. Wherever I lived there were spirits trying to contact me, spirits of people who were trapped in another dimension. My healing practice started in 1986 with a focus on healing serious illnesses. I had to stop after a year, because I was so empathic that I took on other peoples emotions and physical symptoms (later in my spiritual development this stopped being a problem). Early on it was all a bit overwhelming, but step by step and with lots of faith I learned to ground myself to the new reality. I had physical contact with angels when my life started to overwhelm me. Angels would touch me on the forehead with what looked like a flash of light. I would be knocked out until the next day and experience clarity of mind and strengthening of my physical body. It happened twice in a two-year period and each time, my life changed paths. I've always known there was a great responsibility with holding these gifts, and over the years angels have been my greatest teachers.

Q: Angelic contact:

A: In 1973, I had been praying for three days for God to give me direction and a joyful purpose in spiritual service, and on the third day at 3 AM, an angel appeared in my bedroom. It appeared in the form of a woman holding a chalice who spoke to me telepathically. Slowly the angel turned toward me saying, God has heard your prayers; here are the gifts! This event was incredible. I was in a euphoric state for a week and a half!

Q: What are your gifts?

A: I see and hear through color vibrations. It is more than seeing an Aura; it is the ability to read a Souls Pattern. Some call it reading the DNA. All vibrations coming through a human being are unique to that individual. The past, present and future are filed in symbols, codes and colors. My basic techniques include clairvoyance (perceiving images and information not necessarily perceptible to the average person), clairaudience (perceiving sounds not audible to every person), mediumship (communicating with spirit guides while in a conscious state), and hands-on healing techniques. I also read the emotional vibrations held in the physical and emotional body that have created a mental disassociation or physical illness. I have at times worked with psychiatrists, psychologists, or physicians to assist people with their healing process.

Q: How do you experience Mediumship?

A: A photograph of a person's face is a window into their spirit. I read photographs of people and those who have passed.  I speak telepathically with Spirit.   Guide or angel shows up to help me with consultations. Nature has its own consciousness and I seem to be able to communicate with a knowing with the oldest part of my psyche. I literally believe this gift is in my DNA from another life.

Q: Can you assist others to activate their cellular memory and retrieve important information?

A: Yes, I would call it the process of assisting others to utilize their nine sensory systems. Everyone is born with the equipment of psychic perceptions. Every human being has a God-given right to utilize what is natural in our body, mind and spirit. Earth's history holds many truths, but has been changed through time to block our conscious development.

Q: Who are your clients?

A: I've had an established practice for over 26 years. People from all walks of life see me. Clients have ranged from movie industry professionals, to doctors, attorneys, and even scientists. My heart is open to whoever needs inspiration, guidance and disciplines to reach a higher state of consciousness. I am a spiritual teacher.

Q: How would you characterize your faith?

A: I am eclectic in nature. There is a deep respect for all faiths and belief systems while demonstrating these abilities. Many images of a person's belief system show up like a hologram to assist in a very intimate process. Faith is in the desire to inspire and be inspired. My personal guides have been Jesus, Mother Mary and Angel Michael. Faith can be defined by the Knowing and Trust of feelings within the Soul's expression and consciousness. Knowing Faith is an answer to prayer.


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