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Rites of Passage Ceremonies can include birthdays, graduation, special achievements, retirement or any special event or turning point in your life.   

  • All rites of passage ceremonies celebrate us as human beings at whatever stage of our lives: youth, middle-age, parenthood, or elders. Let us actively embrace our life experience. It is through ceremony we celebrate the art of life!

  • The rites of passage are ceremonies that celebrate the natural transitions that we humans all experience: birth, puberty, maturity, the elder stage and death.
  • Rites of Passage ceremonies can be both joyous and profound as they welcome the individual into a new world of identity and allow the passing on of knowledge and wisdom from one generation to the next.

  • It is not unusual to find ourselves experiencing profound growth or psychological change when we are far beyond adolescence – a change so dramatic we feel almost like a new person. Whether that change happens at 30 or 70, a Rites of Passage ceremony is appropriate to mark this life passage.
  • A Coming of Age Ceremony acknowledges a person’s age, wisdom, and power. Ceremonies for our elders are a platform in which we can express our gratitude to them and to pass wisdom, traditions and a whole lot of love and gratitude from one generation to the next.
  • As Officiant I will create, along with the client, a dignified and fun ceremony that will pay tribute to this significant life transitional stage in a genuine way.
  • The ceremony will reflect the personality and ideals of the honoree and pay homage to their lives and the special, loving people that have been an inspiration and guide to them, such as: family, friends and mentors.



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